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sterile surgical gown

SMS, SMMS, Reinforced surgical gown, Disposable surgical gown, Smms gown, SFS surgical gown


 Film-Reinforced Surgical Gown fabric provide Level 4 liquid barrier in zones A, B, and C.

For surgical gowns, the critical zones are, at a minimum, the front area of the gown from chest to knees (area A) and the sleeves from the cuff to above the elbow (area B). The standard requires that the entire front of a surgical gown (Areas A, B, and C) provide a liquid barrier of at least Level 1. The back of the gown (area D) may be non-protective.


  • Meets AAMI 3- 4 Liquid Barrier Standard
  • Fluid resistance - barrier protection to prevent blood strikethrough and fluid contamination
  • Lint and abrasion resistance - reduces the risk of lint contamination in the wound and related post-operative complications
  • Flame resistance: meets CPSC1610 industry standard for low ignition
  • Microbial resistance


SFS65- Medical     (High Performance for Surgical Gowns and Drapes Critical Area) 

Nonwoven at both sides provides cloth like feeling to human body. Microporous film provides breathable but liquid & blood resistance. Conforms to EN13795 - High performance (Critical Area) and is to recommended for surgical gowns and drapes.



Conforms to EN13795 - High performance (Critical Area).

High MVTR (over 4000gsn.24hrs)

Liquid/blood proofed.

ETO sterilization available High MVTR.

     Impervious surgical gown fabric



Critical area (high performance for surgical gowns and drapes)


19 August 2020

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